Rightfair has been providing our customers with the highest quality foam boards, best materials available and advance laminating solutions since 1991. We have been innovators in converting foam plank and foam sheet materials into professional quality bodyboards and soft surfboards.

Our core business is foam board manufacturing and we continously raise the standards of the industry. We proudly offer new designs and technology in this industry. Follow are some achievement we have made in the past few years.
  • Introduced heat lamination technology for EPS core bodyboard in 2002
  • Introduced patented grooved bottom technology for snow sleds in 2005
  • Introduced contour deck EPS core bodyboard in 2004
These technology and design are protected by one or more worldwide patents in US, China, Australia and Europe. (Some patents are pending applications)

Innovations - our success in the future
Our drive for innovation are fueled by our customers. With product concept from customers, our R&D team is capable to work with world class surfers and material suppliers to make prototype and final mass production boards for our customers.

In view of the present competitive market, it is our objective to lower production cost of our high end to mid-range boards by further improving the production cycle time and yield.
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